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Friday, 5 November 2010

November 2010

It has been a  horrible week and I am only just beginning to feel normal again. My voice is slowly coming back - not good when you are a teacher!
My chest, throat and ear infections are being taken care of by anti-biotics and hopefully will be 100% soon. I feel like I have been hit by a bus this week!!
At least it's nothing serious and will be gone soon. Unfortunately it did interfere with half-term and my week away too but we made the most of it and just avoided going out for long walks in the mild but windy weather. Instead we sampled the fabulous food that Cornwall has to offer (in between fits of coughing and choking - Nice!!!)
I have to say that the restaurant Nathan Outlaw was sensational and so was the hotel - a treat for his birthday!
Also the food at Paul Aisnsworth at number 6 Padstows was to die for, especially the dessert platter.How I am ever going to lose weight I don't know!!!
It was good doing something than the usual Rick Stein every year.

So it has been quiet on the cake front as I haven't been well enough to do them. The last few were quirky and hopefully made people smile. Sarah's son and his friends are off travelling around the world so she asked for a cake to send them off. I love the suitcase one as I hadmade it for my best friend who loves holidays!!
I had two requestd from friends a work for birthday cakes - one for fairies and the other a Tinkerbell cake. They had found a picture that I worked from. I think it's from an American lady so I hope she doesn't mind - it's not exactly the same!

A few for November when all my germs are gone and the 150 cupcakes for staff (as I missed the 1st) will keep me busy.
I need to think about a design for our Christmas cake - or maybe Ian will make it!
Back to scrapbooking soon and our alphabet hotel bar project - P next!

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