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Sunday, 21 November 2010

A-Z scrapbooking of our 4* and 5* hotel bars!!!

Well this was the idea - As we didn't meet up much in London during the weeks and on schoolnights, we decided that we needed a project to inspire us. I must admit I may have had a glas of wine or two before I came up with the idea. Ian loves nice hotel bars and I do too. I love scrapbooking so we thought we would combine the two.

Well they must be 4* or 5* as much as possible. We work our way through the alphabet and take turns in paying. Only one drink in each hotel bar (although if they are really nice we have stayed for more than one!!)
It must be a cocktail or a glass of champagne. We take a photo. I have to create a scrapbooking page for an album that reflects the hotel bar, the decore and the ambience.
So far so good!
This started in June 2009 and we still haven't finished!

 Next is the Ritz - I can't wait!
After that the Savoy which we have been waiting for to re-open following their refurbishment. It's exciting!!!
It's a bit cheesy but I love it!
Can't do any this week as have meetings and parents evening and lots of cakes so maybe next week!

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