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Friday, 19 November 2010

Pudsey Bear Cupcakes

I can't believe I have only just finished!!!!
I love Children in Need and decided to make some Pudsey Bear cakes to sell at work. As well as the 150 cupcakes for the 1st of the month (mm red velvet! New one this week), I made 150 Children in Need cakes, and twenty "Movember" cakes. Well done guys at work for perservering with growing your moustaches!!!
Apart from some dodgy 80's looking porn stars in the staff room - you look fab!
The giant cupcake was a success and we raffled it at break.
So far have made over £175.00.
I just wish Mo had done the pricing - the cakes were a bargain and I'm sure I could have doubled the price to raise even more money!
Never mind - it's a great cause. The cakes were so popular I took orders for another 200 boxed cupcakes and have only just finished. I have spots (green, blue, red and yellow!) before my eyes!

It was Janice's birthday on Wednesday and Tracey's today. Janice had to have a bit of sparkle to celebrate a special birthday!

Tracey's was easy - she is always going on holiday and so a beach theme seemed a good idea. Unfortunately as I was on a course today I didn't get to see her face when she saw it!
I loved making the matching cupcakes!
I'll upload it soon.
It has been a long day and I'm ready for bed now. I will be dreaming of Pudsey bear!!!!!
Tracey's beach/holiday themed cakes...


  1. Amazing - you're so talented. :-)

  2. Hello! I don't know if you're still around in this sure, but I absolutely love your Pudsey Bear cupcakes! Do you have a recipe I can follow for the icing work? It's for my school newspaper. Thank you!

  3. Hello! I absolutely love your Pudsey Bear cupcakes! They're incredible! Would it be at all possible for me to have your icing recipe? It's for my school paper. Thank you!