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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Movember, baby shower and beach shack!

This week has been manic - probably too busy to be honest, so much so that I spelt a name wrong!!!
I was mortified - fortunately most people at the party were so drunk I am hoping that they didn't notice!
So the week started with more Pudsey bear cakes for people at work - another 60!
That was ok as I had Sunday to do them.
On Thursday Jake wanted 24 cakes for Movember - Men with moustaches, to sell at the rugby club. It was fun designing them so that they were all different.

Thursday night was Parent's evening so I didn't have much time in the evening.I finished the Mario cake and the mario cupcakes - they were time consuming!
Hopefully they were enjoyed by the children. I tried to make the cakes follow the game screens from the Nintendo games and the cupcakes were all characters from Mario Games. They were certainly colourful!

Friday was Elizabeth's baby shower - another opportunity to make lots of baby themed cakes. I really wanted to do something special so made cookies too!
Lots of fun cutting out feet and teddy bears. They all had to macth so the cupcakes cases, the fondant and the ribbons all had a brown and beige spotty theme. Elizabeth has already painted her nursery beige!!! It's so exciting!

Then on Saturday it was Jamie's birthday party. He wanted a beach shack. It was all going well - until I realised I had spelt his name wrong. Bless him, he didn't want to say anything!
I think I was so tired I could really have written anything!
Never mind - it was a good party!

Today was Sam's mum's birthday so a trip to the South coast to deliver flowers and  teddy cake. She was so surprised.It was lovely to deliver a birthday surprise!!!

What a weekend!
We finished with a faulous meal in Mayfield in a vey old pub/restaurant.It was delicious. So now I am feeling a little "caked out" and in need of a rest. Back to marking books now!
What an exiting life I lead!!!!

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