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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Today I am having a cake-free day!!!
The first in a long time. Had a fabulous time at Kim's 50th party last night. Danced with the girls to all the cheesy tunes- today my feet are killing me. A cute little girl danced in her pjs and slippers - ooh if only I could have done that!
So this week has been manic. School has been mad (I thought this half-term was supposed to be easier than the others!!!!) Lots of meetings and presentations. Remind me not to bother preparing loads in future!!!

Love the girls'dresses. I set a challenge for them to make a dress out of newspaper - the results were amazing!!! They are so creative - I loved the accessories and the effort that had gone into them! How clever!!!
Harvest Tea for the oldies - ha ha I managed to give them my week's shopping instead of the tinned foods I had bought!
Someone has my cornflour, my cocoa, my jar of marmite (for my cake idea!) and some rather nice biscuits!!
I, however, am left with endless tins of vegetables, minced beef in gravy and cat food! I don't even have a cat!
Never mind I hope hey enjoy them!

As for cakes - I had a bit of a challenge - an art deco cake for a 60th birthday. It didn't quite turn out as I had hoped and I didn't get a photo but hopefully it was ok.

Lots of birthday cakes- one for my darling niece who wanted a jar of Marmite!
Normally she has very girly cakes - this was a chocoholics dream,once you got past the outside image!
Happy Birthday my darling niece!!!!

Kim's birthday was a challenge and lots of fun - something pink and girly with elephants!!!
I love it!

A diamond wedding anniversary was a beautifully sparkly affair. I admire anyone who reaches 60 years of marriage!!!
How on earth do you do it?????

It's Sam's birthday on Tuesday so am thinking parcel cake with gerberas - something bright as she is so bubbly!

Today I am relaxing - well I will be after I have done the housework! The kitchen is the only spotless room here! It's a beautiful day and maybe I'll venture out for a walk in the park...

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