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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas is on it's way!

I can't believe it is only four days until Christmas!
Where has time gone???
Beginning of December and during the first snow blizzards I had two cakes to make. One for Charlie's 18th and the other for Jodie's. These would have been ok if I had been able to get out to buy the ingredients!!! Snow, snow and more snow!
Thank goodness for Dad's and boyfriends ( just the one!)

Jodie's took me hours and there were 497 flowers covering the cakes. It was a mammouth cake!
The following week, Cupcakes for Morgan's 11th birthday with dogs on top. It was fun trying to make all the dogs different but took ages!

School finished on Friday and I have to say it was the busiest two weeks of the year!
Cakes, lunches for staff, leaving dos, baby showers, shopping for presents, Madness concert in Brighton, pantomime preparation... the list is endless.

I'd love to say that now the holidays have kicked in life is more relaxing and I am chilled and ready for Christmas - ha ha far from it!
Yesterday I made the cake for Louise's dad who was supposed to be going to the races for his birthday. Unfortunately the snow put a stop to that!

Yesterday was great. I spent the afternoon and evening with Elizabeth helping her to decorate her three Christmas cakes. Maybe if my other half marzipans ours I could decorate that one too!
Today I spent all day in Bluewater getting last minute presents and gifts. It was mad! I needed a break in the John Lewis restaurant!
December has been mad and the snow? Well I love it but it has not made things that easy. The romantic side of me wants to be in front of the fire with my other half,  Christmas songs on in the background, a glass of mulled wine in hand, the snow falling outside, the twinkly lights on the tree sparkling whilst I wrap presents to put under the tree...
The realistic side sees me running round frantically, posting cards a month late, catching up with people I haven't seen for ages, making calls to friends to wish them Merry Christmas, housework, shopping and mad dashes to Marks and Spencer and clearing the paths and gritting them for the neighbours!

One glass of mulled wine and I feel like it's time for bed!
Not yet...I have cupcakes to decorate!

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