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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

From Vintage to Modern!

I am sitting here taking time out having a cup of coffee and a sneaky biscuit!
How I love half-term!!!!
Well if I could get away without doing any school work and if I was on a hot, sunny island somewhere it would be even better but you can't have it all!!
So the last two weeks have been really busy - cakes, school, baby showers and no voice -AGAIN!
What is with the no voice thing????
I get so fed up of waking up (well that is when I have actually had some sleep thanks to Mr Neighbour with BBC World Service ALL NIGHT!!!!!) and having no voice and feeling like I have been hit by a bus!
At least it doesn't last - maybe I am allergic to school - how cool would that be!
So it's half-term and it's busy, busy, busy!
Last week was mad, especially last weekend. I am still cleaning up icing sugar and food colouring!
So where to start?
John's birthday continued and they celebrated on Wednesday with Nintendo cupcakes - he has favourites so I had to make sure there was a Yoshi, a Mario and a Luigi. I love these, they are so colourful and cute.

I got very excited when my ribbon arrived - all printed and very pretty. Am aiming to get them in every colour!!! (I have five already!)

Roary the Racing car was fun to do for Ashton's 4th birthday. With no children of my own I have to look up all these characters on the internet and I do get a bit carried away. I will be a font of all knowledge soon on CBeebies!!!
May go on Mastermind!!!
Anyway he was fun and I love the hat.
Louise's aunt (very lovely lady!!!) had her birthday too and this was a combination of her caravan, her holidays and her crafting.

She is a very artistic lady and is always making/crafting. I wanted to add little bits and pieces for the scrapbooking and card-making. I loved the pritt stick although if you don't use it very often you may have wondered what it was!
Happy Birthday Carole - hope you had a lovely day!!
The next one on my list was one I have been working on for ages. Another children's one and LOTS of research!
The Octonauts (had never even heard of them!) were lots of fun and lots of work. I made all the characters in advance - they were so cute and I tried to get them all spot on. It was a lot of work but really enjoyable.

They apparently live/work underwater so I loved making the underwater themed cake with fish, crabs, seaweed and starfish. It's cute!

I haven't seen my friend for years so it was lovely dropping the cake off and catching up with her and meeting the boys - they are gorgeous too. We nearly had a disaster when Will decided craftily to play with Tweak bunny whilst we were having a cup of tea - bless him!!!
Cupcakes for Clare's birthday - pink and girly.

More cupcakes for Hannah's birthday. She is mad about dogs/puppies so doggy cupcakes were perfect. I have made these before so tried to make diferent dogs - I love their faces!

This weekend too was busy with a joint 18th and 21st birthday cake for Gemma and Jamie. Gemma is one of my former students - she is a star!!
Gemma loves shopping, shoes and dresses and Jamie loves sport.

The top tier was a false top so they could keep it and put the characters on it to keep. It was silver and sparkly!
At the last minute I had an order for 80 cupcakes for a vintage fair in Blackheath. Half of the cakes had the company initials (My Vintage Affair) and half had roses, violets and sprinkles.

They looked pretty in the vintage cake stands but I forgot to take a photo!
Jo's vintage fair was great - the clothes were amazing and it was like walking back into the fifties. Women were having their hair and make-up done and trying on all the clothes. It was fabulous!
I ended up buying a coat which makes me look like my gran in the fifties and sixties!
So I am having a morning off making cakes (well will start in about ten minutes!) and am concentrating on organising a baby shower for my sister. It's fun and exciting. think I might be going a bit overboard on somethings though. I looked up American baby showers and they do things so much better than us!
I know it's a relatively new idea over here and some people are still a bit sceptical but I think it's great - another excuse to celebrate (and make cakes!).
Every day I come home and another parcel arrives!
I think the lack of sleep means I go onto the internet at all hours and end up ordering bits and pieces!
My neighbour has a lot to answer to!!!
Tomorrow we are off to the Ritz and the Savoy for our "R" and "S" in the alphabet project. I can't wait - it's long overdue!
Thursday I am looking forward to having my "Champagne Friday" girls over for lunch, fun and business. I need their advice!!!!
March is full for cakes and April is getting that way too!
I had better get started!!!!


  1. hi Jules
    i was the happy recipient of your wonderful cake (caravan) it was very true to life, and i couldnt believe how all the tiny embellishments were and you had got them spot on. its funny to see your life on a cake. i have put 'myself' in the freezer so i can look at it and show my friends. it was a shame to cut it.
    the cake added to my great birthday and surprise. many thanks carole james

  2. Wow! I love this blog! I too am a teacher and a closet cake baker :))