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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Baby showers and champagne!

To say that the last week or so has been awful is an understatement!
Half-term was busy and productive but towards the end I started feel a little under the weather again - my voice went and I felt quite poorly - again.
Sorry to feel sorry for myself but am fed up with feeling poorly!

Wednesday of half-term and we finally did our "R" and "S" of our hotel project. Thje Ritz was...well... not really what I had imagined or had been looking forward to. It was all a bit unimpressive - surprisingly so!
The waiter in the Rivoli bar was a bit full of himself and tried too hard to impress but the cocktail I had on the other hand was gorgeous!
They were quite expensive compared to the other hotels although mine did have gold leaf floating in it!
Not as bad as the Mandarin Oriental  but nowhere near as good as Claridges.
The Savoy was...fabulous. Different from what we were expecting as lots of things have changed but still good service and a wonderful atmosphere. I used to meet Ian in the Savoy for cocktails quite a lot when he worked in the Strand and fell in love with the American bar. It's a  bit different now, maybe a little of the "old-fashioned and classic" element missing (but now lots of dust on the mirrors and vases!!!)
Apart from the waitress spilling my cocktail all over my dress and leg - it was lovely.
We miss the Banquette restaurant but no-one seemed to know what we were talking about - New staff - a shame as they don't seem to know what it used to be like!
Still haven't done our scrapbooking pages - they are next on my list!

Thursday I met with my business managers for lunch (my champagne Friday girls!!!). They sorted my website and were brilliant!
Friday I made toppers for all the baby shower cakes, Bill's taxi topper and finished off the palm trees and Elvis for cakes for the next few weeks.

 I have two baby showers on Sunday and also wanted to make some cakes for baby Leah as I went to visit on Saturday - she is gorgeous. The toppers were really cute and I managed to make about 60.

 Cakes for Leah's mum and dad!
Nicola's dad is a taxi driver and so I made a topper for his cake. He is very sporty and loves a G&T as well. Apparently it was a very good likeness - bless.

Saturday I didn't feel so good and still had to make the cakes for the baby showers. It was quite hard work and my voice decided to go - just in time for going back to work!
The baby shower for Jude was lovely. I don't think I have ever been in a room full of so many mothers and babies and children - it was quite something!
The ladies were lovely and the children cute!
I went with a baby clothes theme for the top cake as I had made so many babygros (is that the plural?)
I knew that the nursery was yellow so tried to match the cute cakes with her theme. I kind of loved the result - baby cakes are so cute!!!

I admire anyone with a baby and how they cope with all the washing!!!

My new stand came in handy and the cakes went down really well! You can't beat cute cupcakes!

Sunday night arrived and my head began to pound. I wasn't quite sure if it was all the babies and children, or all the talk of pregnancies and childbirth (do people always need to go into so much detail??? It made me squirm a bit but I guess it is a such a wonderful experience that people just want to share every single detail with you!) or all the questions about why I wasn't a mother (hello! - I haven't got time!) but by the time I got home I was feeling very under the weather. I had one last cake to make for Amy for the morning and then I could sleep - or I could if Mr Neighbour turned his bloody radio off!!!
No chance there then!
Amy's 21st cake - she is lovely!
Monday and back to work. I rather missed the girls and their funny comments and actions. No voice again- just a croak but managed to get through the day. First of the month comes around so quickly and thank goodness that Mo came round to help decorate the staff cakes. It was St. David's day so daffodils were in order on some of the 150 cupcakes.

I let Mo loose on the lemon ones - haha she was a bit pyschedelic in her use of sprinkles and decorations but they were bright and colourful. New mixer with a very sharp blade meant chopping the top of my finger of whilst washing up. Thank goodness Mo is a nurse!!!! Not sure who was more exhausted me or Mo!
Monday night was horrendous - no sleep, no voice, sore throat and a pounding head. I managed only to get to work and then home again.
The doctor said I had a very nasty ear and chest infection and high blood pressure (I'm not surprised as shouting at Mr Noisy Neighbour every night is quite stressful!) -so bed and rest for me. Thank goodness for parents - what would I do without them!
I haven't felt that bad for ages and 2011 is turning into a horrible year already!
Packets of pills and anti-biotics later I must have slept for a good 48 hours!
I still feel dreadful and really want someone to take it all away but at least I can touch the side of my face now!
Perhaps the voice will come back in time for school tomorrow - fingers crossed!
I still had to make Aston's surprise cake for his 30th - that was hard work!

Then this weekend it was a christening cake for my sister's friend. Another cute baby cake with a blue theme this time.

 Fortunately no more for a little while. All I have done is sleep in between!
Mr Noisy Neighbour decided to have the radio on (Radio 4  now) all night last night from 1.30a.m. to 8.30a.m so no change there!
May need to move if there is no improvement. Anyone know an electrician who can show me how to turn his power off?????
I've missed work and the girls - funny but when I'm there I long for holidays most of the time. I'm hoping they have behaved and have worked hard but something tells me I will have a lot to catch up with!
Please let me feel better in the morning!!!!!

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