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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fish cakes and swimming pools!!

There are two things I really dislike in the world. (only two this morning but plenty of others at any other time!) One is inconsiderate people and the other is snoring!
I am so tired I think I could sleep for a week!
Well I could only do that if my neighbour managed to turn down his radio that he leaves on ALL NIGHT on BBC World service (yes it beeps on the hour, every hour too!) even if he is asleep as I can hear him snoring too!!!
Sometimes he even leaves the TV on too in another room - just how much can a man listen to in his sleep!!!!!
Also men with colds snore terribly and this just adds to my sleep deprivation as my man has a cold, it's not good. Snoring drives me mad - I NEED SLEEP otherwise I am a grumpy so and so with a short temper!!
So this week has been good for work and cakes but rubbish for sleep. I think now I am over-tired and it makes me a tearful bunny!
Anyway - half term is only in two weeks (thank goodness) and I am going to spend at least one day tucked under my duvet without moving!
Burn's night dinner party was fab- it was such a giggle and good to catch up with lovely people. Lots of haggis and neeps and tatties although not many kilts!!!!

Thank you guys for making it a lovely do!

Last night was John's surprise party for his 30th. His family and girlfriend are so lovely - he didn't have a clue!

His cake had a "fishy" theme as he is mad on fishing. It was a rather strange one but lots of fun. My kitchen was covered in silvery dusting powder for days!
Simon's 40th cake was an American themed one as he apparently loves Buffalo Bills (which I thought was a restaurant until I looked it up!) That ties in nicely with the Superbowl tonight!!!

Grace's birthday on Monday and she is a little swimming star so I thought a pool themed cake would be perfect for her. Her parents threw a fab dinner party last weekend - it was so yummy- thank you!!!

The 1st of the month came round quite quickly and it meant 150 cupcakes for staff at school. I thought I would try a couple of new flavours and some "low-fat" cakes for all the dieting girls!!!
I used a new embossing tool for the fondant topped ones - very pretty paisley designed ones. It was my new cake tool of the week!
We had a Valentine's theme (yes a little early I know) but lots of hearts/roses and chocolate!!!

Just what we all needed in the staffroom at the end of dreary January and a week filled with meetings and a Parent's evening, a little bit of love and buttercream. Now we just need a little bit of sunshine!!!

Yesterday I met up with the girls from Uni in Sussex - oh how we have grown up (ha ha!!!) It was so lovely to get together again for the first time in ages - not as alcohol fuelled as it was back in those days after lectures, then parties in the flats - but much more civilised now we have sort of grown up. Two weddings and one gorgeous baby have changed all that. Well I say that, but we have planned a weekend away and we may resort back to good old uni days, karaoke, Spice girls and beer!

February is full for cakes and I'm glad of a week in the middle to spend all day preparing bits.
Still haven't been to the Ritz to do "R" in our hotel "project"  maybe next week if we can fit it in. It's Chinese new year so we are all heading to the restaurant on Friday to celebrate - should be fun!

Well I need to go and make a caravan, a car, some stars, some shopping bags and some roses for the next batch. I'm going to need lots of coffee and maybe an afternoon snooze so I can then mark all the girls' tests for tomorrow - and I have an observation first thing - I can't wait!
Bring on half-term!!!!

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