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Not quite sure how this will go but

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday 26th September 2010

It has been a relaxing weekend thank goodness although the viking ship wedding cake was a success and the wedding was fabulous (according to sis).
Congratulations Sal!

This is my first cake-free weekend although it all starts again this week. The weather has turned chilly and the pears poaching in spiced wine at the moment are reminding me of Christmas already!!!

Last week was mad at work but the meal for a friend's birthday on Friday was a welcome treat!!!
Next week is the second cake for Virgin Holidays' 25th Party in London so am looking forward to being creative!
The first one was big, the second one will be even bigger!!
This hobby is turning into something a bit bigger and I need a bigger kitchen to cope with all the cakes!! Maybe I'll move!
I'll need the oven on all day again soon if this weather continues, it's so chilly!!!

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