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Thursday, 6 January 2011

What a start to the new year!

2011 - Will it be a good year?????

I'm glad I can write as at the moment my voice has gone completely!!!
I struggled at work today (although the girls were fab and very sweet!) and teaching is definitely not the best job to do when your voice has gone!
So my new year got off to a rather dreadful start - an interesting New Year's Eve, a dreadful New Year's Day and then my week just deteriorated from there!
It can only get better!!!!!!

Feeling a little stressed out and in a bit of pain with a toothache on New Year's Day I ventured into London. I wanted to avoid the sales and go for a long walk along the Thames and through the parks. Ha ha, got as far as Trafalgar Square and stood and watched the New Year's Day Parade - it was brilliant!
The atmosphere was great and very exciting. When the rain started I dived into The St James Hotel for tea. It was so comfortable I stayed a while avoiding the cold and rain.
The shops were very inviting and feeling a little windswept and frumpy I was enticed by the sound of a free makeover in Selfridges - what is the worst that could happen???

The assistant (although a little hungover) was lovely and started to work her magic and then brought me a Cosmopolitan - it was all going well until the false eyelashes - not sure if I loooked like a model or a drag queen. Still I was convinced by her banter and parted with a rather large sum of money for a concealer (that will hopefully perform miracles!) and yet another lipgloss... oh well.
A glass of champagne later and I was ready to fight the world - apart from my nagging toothache.
Overnight the so-called toothache turned into an abscess and the rest is...painful!
I woke up to find I looked like the elephant man (thought it might have been the make up at first) but the pain was unbearable.
To cut a long story short and several visits to the dentist, armed with anti-biotics I started to feel better. What a great start to the year - and to top it all some idiot has used my paypal account to run up huge bills in the USA. How did that happen???
Not a happy bunny.
Never mind, despite feeling very rough and depending yet again on mum and dad's help I had to make Lynn's retirement cake. Fortunately when the first party was organised (then cancelled due to snow) I had already made the flower pots and watering can - THANK GOODNESS!

The party was great - it was good to see so many old friends and work colleagues and Lynn had a good farewell. By the end of today I had no voice, a sore throat and a very sore mouth still. I need TLC or some good painkillers!!!!
Orders for cakes have been coming in thick and fast and hopefully the website will be up and running soon. I just need a little bit of time - ha ha.
Cupcakes, orchids and converse this weekend!
Well 2011 hasn't started so well but it can only get better from down here!!!
Here's hoping...

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