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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Autumn has definitely arrived!!!!

Well it just shows how long I get to sit down for!
I started this in half-term but then never got to finish it so I'm now at home with the central heating on again and not in a beautiful Cornish pub!

"It's October half term and this is the first time I have sat down and chilled out and fortunately I am in a lovely watering hole in Cornwall watching the waves crash onto the bay as surfers test the waves beneath the Scarlet Hotel. Knowing me I won't get to stay here very long and will never finish!
This is a perfect way to spend half-term, even if I have brought some marking with me!
This morning we went to the Camel Winery which was fabulous and bought some gorgeous sparkling wine that we are going to have with breakfast tomorrow for my "little chef's" birthday!
I won't say how old he is going to be but the lady in Tesco's asked if the numbered candles I had bought were for 74 or 47!!!!
Then we went to Port Isaac where they film Doc Martin. It's our regular trip and the pub lunch didn't disappoint again this year. The food down in the south-west is amazing!
It's just as well we have been for very long walks across the cliffs to walk some of the lovely food off! Am looking forward to a lovely lunch at Nathan Outlaw's brasserie as last year the food in his restaurant was sooo delicious!"

So that's as far as I got and now have already been back at work, back into the swing of things and back to cupcakes for today. Six flavours today - double white chocolate, coffee and walnut (especially for Liz!), raspberry and vanilla, dark chocolate and black cherry, a banana muffin cupcake and last but not least a toffee crunch cupcake.
 I was very organised and got in lots of sweets for the trick or treaters last night and not one turned up! I now have loads of sherbert dips that apparently turn your mouth black - mm wonder if could give them as treats as school....

So half-term already seems like ages ago and I already have piles of marking to do. Lots of cakes too to keep me busy and the last two months were the same!
So the day after I got back from Spain I had two to do, a golden wedding anniversary cake and an 18th birthday for Laura. I love the simple daisy cake, perfect for a golden wedding celebration.
Laura wanted girly cupcakes but also one of herself!

Vanilla, raspberry and white chocolate underneath all that vanilla buttercream!
Then a lovely surprise - Veg is back!!! Woohoo!!! How we missed you Veg!
Just in time for her birthday and as she loves a bit of leopard print I thought this would be a good theme for her cake, especially as Morrisons do gorgeous animal print cupcake cases!
What a lovely celebration for a lovely lady!

A first for me next - two ordination orders, both for the same day at Rochester Cathedrail. What a special occasion and to think that the Bishop was having my cupcakes for afternoon tea - how lovely!

Now you know I love children's cakes if you know me. I love colour and characters, even if I have to do loads of research if I have never heard of them. This was the case with Sophie's cake - Moshi monsters!
I didn't even know what they were but Sophie very kindly found me pictures of her favourites. Since then I have seen lots of these, in all shapes, sizes and cuddly varieties too. They are quite cute!

Now some people give me very specific designs and others leave it to me. My next lady was very specific in what she wanted for her son and it was a bit of a challenge - another musical one!
I am hopeless at music and although have almost got my voice back to normal, my friends would be the first to tell you I am rubbish at singing and have only ever done karaoke once and that was under duress!!!
This time drums. As I'm a bit pernickity about detail (is that even a word or have I made it up?) I headed to the music department at school for a look at the set of drums - well I found bits - bits in the corridor, bits in the room and bits in the maths room (!) so still couldn't see a full set. So more research!
I loved the finished result and I know they did too so it was worth the worry!

More children's cakes and a birthday party for what seemed like hundreds of children for gorgeous Myles' birthday! Shopping, cooking, preparing and cleaning up (only so I could stay in the kitchen and avoid pass the parcel!) and I was exhausted!
Children are loud and hard work! ha ha and I call myself a teacher!!!

Myles is a cutie!!!
A quick one next and I only had to do the decoration for this boozy celebration. Bless - those were the days!

A lovely joint bithday cake next for a dear friend's daughter's birthday was a very pink and girly affair. I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with him after so many years but I still missed him!
One day Dave we will catch up for a gossip!
Then an event I have been so looking forward to - a wedding for two lovely people. This time I had a bit more to do, not just the cake - the invitations were handmade and sent in May, table centres and balloons ordered, decorations done, favours made and labelled and food bought ready to be prepared. I wanted it to be very special for the lovely couple and their families so I put on my Jennifer Lopez "wedding planner" hat and thought it through carefully. I love that film (although havent fallen in love with the groom thank goodness- as lovely as he is!!!) The day arrived and it was soooo romantic and lovely.
The groom's only request was for a pyramid cake with lots of different flavours. I made a birthday cake for him years ago as pyramid and with the help from his fab sister - my best friend, we made a camel too!
This time no camels but a very determined bride and a Liverpool loving groom feeling the heat!
It was an amazing day and they both looked amazing. Congratulations Mark and Michelle xx

I love staying in touch with former students as they have (nearly) all been so amazing and wonderful to teach so I was really pleased to make a 21st cake for the lovely Maria - she was just one of the nicest, most hard-working and fabulous students ever!!

Shopping, a bit of Louis Vuitton and some shoes were in order...
So now in October it was the twin's christening. My gorgeous niece and nephew were christened in Sussex. It was soooo wonderful and they were just simply soooo cute and adorable. I know I am biased but never mind!
Another buffet and lots of cakes to make. There was no way there were going to share a cake - they are far too special so a cute cake each and the traditional top tier of my sister's wedding cake to top them. It was 8 years old but still very moist - must have been all the brandy I put in, they never say enough in recipes!!!!
It was just the most perfect day and I got lots of cuddles too!

A retirement cake for Monica ( wish I was under a palm tree on an island at the moment!) was a surprise for her afternoon tea and the biggest glass of wine on a cake for a 50th topped off the month before leaving for the south-west.

It certainly was a busy half-term and so many special occasions. Back to work mode now and three very special cakes for this weekend are being planned. The clocks have gone back and the evenings are so dark so much earlier it really feels like winter already!
Unfortunately I have had to turn down so many cakes and I am really really sorry but there just aren't enough hours in the day to be able to do them all. So teaching part-time????
Probably not! But it's a thought!
Two days back and it's mad already!
Bring on that Lottery win Lynette!!!!!!

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